A safe car is nothing without safe vision

A safe car is nothing without safe vision

A car’s most important safety feature is you

As technology makes cars increasingly safer, Aaron Henry Optometry of Muswellbrook is raising awareness of the critical role vision plays in safety. “Drivers have become very focused on safety, it’s a must-have. Most are concerned about their car’s abilities but don’t think about the major influential factor in crashes: human error. If the person operating a safe car can’t see clearly, then safety features may be inconsequential.”

“We know that vision is the most important sense for making decisions on the road and that uncorrected vision is a contributor to crash risk.^ Road safety starts with good vision, and that means seeing well at all distances, in all conditions.”

Vision is responsible for around 90% of the information used when driving, even a small change in vision is cause for concern.

But how do you know if you might be at risk? Ask yourself if you experience any of the following:

Some of key signs and symptoms of vision problems include:

  • Trouble recognising details on road signs or number plates?
  • Difficulty judging the distance of oncoming vehicles, particularly at night?
  • Trouble seeing clearly in changing light conditions, e.g. from day to dusk, dusk to night?
  • Visual sensitivity to oncoming headlights?
  • Need to move your head to see in side mirrors or read your dashboard clearly?
  • Reluctance to drive at night or in unfamiliar environments?
  • Uncertainty and lack of confidence behind the wheel?

Driving and modern-day living go hand in hand. Australians are spending more time in their cars commuting and traffic is ever-increasing. Poor vision is a contributor to road accidents and yet it’s a risk every driver can easily reduce by following the ‘Check Your Vision’ Golden Rule*:

  • Get your vision checked regularly by an optometrist
  • Protect your eyes from glare
  • Wear your glasses when behind the wheel

A 360° eye consultation with Aaron Henry Optometry includes a holistic and extensive eye examination plus advice on health, diet and lifestyle. Optometrists have more options and technologies than ever before to help you stay safe on the road including: Vision correction, progressive lenses, anti-reflective coating and polarised sunglasses.